Joelle B Adelson

Collaborative Lawyer & Mediator

Joelle is dedicated to guiding her clients through a transparent, efficient and effective separation process. Collaborative Divorce and Mediation both allow and encourage you to negotiate in good faith, with courtesy and respect. These processes, by their nature, minimize the negative impacts of separation. They give you an opportunity to maintain a working relationship with your spouse, allowing continuing communication and making co-parenting a little easier.

Going through a separation can be a difficult emotional journey; Joelle offers sensitivity and support through the process along with her legal guidance.

Joelle brings a varied educational history and 30 years of professional experience to the table: she earned a business degree and 2 law degrees, and spent years working as a tax and estate planning lawyer and as an investment advisor, before focusing on her current areas of family law and mediation. She continues to attend and present at seminars, conferences and trainings.

Joelle is the current President of the Ontario Association of Collaborative Professionals, past chair of Peel Halton Collaborative, and a member of Collaborative Family Law Group of Grey/Bruce, Collaborative Practice Simcoe County and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.


Phone: 905-466-8463




In Collaborative Practice, you commit to:

1. Negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement without having courts decide issues.

2. Maintain open communication and information sharing.

3. Create shared solutions acknowledging the highest priorities of all.